Inspiring YOU to Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Helping today's business owner and entrepreneurs build proven systems to increase profits and build solid client relationships.

Excel with Me offers personalized and group coaching and training solutions that help entrepreneurs and businesses of all levels of expertise set up and implement solutions that focus on ways to Correct Your Cash Flow & Tame the Cash Flow Monster trying to run your business. The result... Increased profits, streamlined and efficient systems set in place, increased time that allows you to focus on your strengths!

Whether you prefer a personal, group or virtual experience, Excel with Me offers a unique, hands on coaching and training approach to meet your desired goals.

We also specialize in training for QuickBooks Online, MS Excel, and Zoho CRM, all of which, when implemented effectively, help you save time, energy and money! Whether you prefer group or personal sessions, instructor led training, webinars, or e-learning, we can meet the needs of you and your staff, and inspire your business to EXCEL!


Profit Solutions

Tame the Cash Flow Monster & Excel with Me!

Are you tired of running on the hamster wheel for your business? You know... that wheel that never seems to include a paycheck for YOU?? Are you prepared unexpected expenses and do you cringe when they suddenly pop-up? Often business owners feel like they are running on that hamster wheel, they make expense decisions based on the balance in their bank account, and rarely seem to have "money" left for a paycheck. They feel as though working for nothing!

If you are ready and willing to implement a system that will help you correct your cash flow and turn revenue into profit, so you can actually write yourself a paycheck, then let's talk!

Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Crush the Cash Flow Monster Session today!

~Correct your Cash Flow and start maximizing your profit by implementing 3 steps today that will help you begin to Tame the Cash Flow Monster in your business~


Training Solutions

Learn Today & Excel Tomorrow!

Are you stressed when it comes to tracking your numbers? Would you like to take advantage of advanced features and functions of your software? Would you like to save time and automate the process instead of manually processing transactions? YES!! Then let's Talk!

Excel with Me offers several training opportunities designed to meet your needs and skill level. We specialize is QuickBooks Online, MS Excel, and Zoho CRM.

Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Learn Today, Excel Tomorrow Session Today!

~Share with me the biggest challenge that you would like to automate and/or streamline in your business, and allow me to offer at least one software "tip or trick" that will help you overcome that challenge~

Breakthrough Solutions

Money Mountain Systems!

You have built an amazing business... you have climbed to great success, but you've hit a plateau in your business... are you ready to BREAKTHROUGH!? Build, climb and breakthrough the chaos of running your business and start to work smarter, not harder!

Visit today to learn more. Then schedule a personalized Business Breakthrough Session to review the top three challenges that are preventing you from reaching your goals and learn the #1 thing you can do NOW to start turning that around!

In all the ways you acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. ~proverbs 3:6

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